HOW TO HACK STREAMYX ACCOUNT and speed up your streamyx account using others account...
OK,,, let me show you the step:

first at all you need to download & install ANGRY IP SCANNER  or you can directly download it from HERE...  but before that, make sure you choose the right version with your pc..
and make sure to install java. it is because ANGRY IP SCANNER need a java to run...

  Next..... you need to download x-pass you can download it by clicking HERE. after that make sure you have a file like this:


    The next step is run angry ip scanner and make sure the IP Ranges begin with and last with,
note://you can change the with any IP that you want. After that you must click start to begin IP scan


After that, you will get result lie this:

the green dot mean the IP is availble,
the red dot mean the IP is unavailable
the blue dot mean, uhmm,,, i dont know, lol

the next step, you need to copy any IP that you want anf paste it on your browser. (suggestion IE)
note: TRY AND ERROR. if you got TM homepage thats meant
you are success.

insert username: tmuser/tmadmin/tmbusiness
insert password:tmuser/tmadmin/tmbusiness

p/s: choose anyone...

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